Monday, September 28, 2009

iPose U - Photo Posing Guide - NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes

Currently FEATURED by APPLE on the home page of the App store and in the top 20 for photography apps!

Also, check out the popular app, "Bride & Groom Poses - Wedding Photo Posing Guide" (another top app) which is full of unique and edgy images for you to save your favorites, for shots you'd like to add to your portfolio to shoot at your next wedding!

It's good to be pushed to think outside of our own photography box to get some fresh ideas!


Check out the much awaited new iPhone and iPod Touch app now available for sale on iTunes. It's a reference tool of over 1100 photos of real people. Pick your favorite poses and angles and put them into your own favorites category, and have your iPhone or iTouch with you on your shoot, and reference the images on the app that you would like to capture on your shoot. It's a very discrete way to look through to see what types of poses and angles you'd like to use. You and your subjects will benefit. Parents... all of you moms and dads always trying to get great shots of your kids (such as for holiday cards!)... well, pick the poses that work for you and get them out for the photo shoot! No more struggling with how to pose your children.

Now available for purchase on iTunes and is on SALE for 4.99! A great price for a reference library of poses of this size. See below for a few sample screenshots.

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Screenshots of the app